Mount Everest to Olympus Mons
a keynote presentation by Tom & Tina Sjogren
Explorers and entrepreneurs, Tom and Tina Sjogren built businesses in Europe and the United States. They were the first couple to reach the three Poles: Everest, South Pole, and the North Pole, earning 4 Guinness World Records.

Founded by the Sjogrens, Pythom Inc, based in the mountains of Sierra Nevada (CA), develops technology for human exploration of Space, with an expedition to Mars as the first target.

NASA called Pythom space technology, "very interesting and ambitious" and "fundamentally a good idea".

The US Department of Defense, DARPA, selected Eiger - Pythom's orbital rocket - one of the 10 finalists in the DARPA LaunchChallenge.

Tom and Tina were featured by CNN, New York Times, LA Times, The Times London, BBC, Scientific American, National Geographic, Wired Mag and many others.

The couple did keynote speeches for IBM, Ericsson Mobile Systems, Space organizations, and helped build team spirit in workgroups with several Fortune 500 companies.
"Mount Everest to Olympus Mons"
Leaving no one untouched, "Mount Everest to Olympus Mons" presentation is transformative and change-inspiring. Spanning 500 years of exploration and science mixed with examples from Tom and Tina's own expeditions, it details the progress of the Pythom Mars mission.

Three times the height of Everest, Olympus Mons is the highest mountain in the solar system.

Audience: General science, technology, business, and adventure.
Speech type: Transformative, inspiring, entertaining.
Time: 45 min.
"Human Drive and Innovative Technology in Extreme Environments."
Previous keynote speech

Keynote presentation IBM yearly main event. 500 IBM employees, top management and 5 Nobel prize winners in the audience. Received top rating.

What people say
"The outcome was fantastic and worth every dime for Ericsson. And hopefully it gave you support to future craziness. My god what you could dream up. And how you have inspired and helped others to reach their dreams. That is big."
Toger Astrom, Ericsson Mobile System

"Tina and Tom have been a fixture in the extreme sports world since I can remember... focusing on long, difficult trips such as the two poles, and Everest, in the days when there was not quite as much infrastructure. They were known to be very self reliant and basically came up with ways to solve problems. They launched and ran the website which really brought information on polar ski and 8000 meter climbing into the mainstream. I also relied heavily on them over the years for their extreme expedition communications devices and services from humanedgetech."
Ryan Waters, 5 times Everest Summiter, Multiple adventure record holder

"The purpose of my life is to go to Mars. It has guided every major decision in my life. I've seen a lot of people talk; few ever get started and get their hands dirty. The latter is what I saw in you; it was a no-brainer to be working with you on realizing a shared dream."
Gadhadar Reddy, CEO Nanotechnologies

"Tom and Tina are by far the most ambitious couple I have ever met! I hope your audacious dream will inspire us all to set higher goals and make the most with the time we have on this planet. We at 3DTraining are here to do what we can to help make your mission possible."
Bobby Roy, Director, 3DTraining Inc.

"If the Sjogrens could devote themselves to Mars, then he could pursue his childhood, Apollo-era space fantasies, too."
Los Angeles Times, about Cameron Smith, spacesuit inventor and engineer

"Led by ambitious private companies, we are entering the early stages of the migration of our species away from Earth and our adaptation to entire new worlds. Mars is the stated goal of Elon Musk of PayPal fortune; polar explorers Tom and Tina Sjogren, who are designing a private venture to Mars; and Europe's privately funded MarsOne project, which would establish a human colony by 2023."
Scientific American

Tom and Tina (or Tina and Tom?) have delivered multi-format monologues for The Melini Group since 2014. They have delivered live, over video link or audio-only to audience sizes of 10 to 100, ranging from entry-level to senior executives. They have delivered talks lasting from 20 minutes to 60 minutes, followed by questions and answers.

Tom and Tina have a range of content that is modularized enough to adapt to several themes and fit into various durations and modalities. The Melini Group services global, large-cap, corporate clients that seek organizational development themes related to vision-setting, goal-setting, resilience, innovation, risk-taking, team dynamics, communication, and various strategy/execution topics. We have focused more on team dynamics with Tom and Tina, bringing attention to behaviors that support or detract from trust, presence, and connection.

Tom and Tina have truly riveting stories from their incredible adventures on Everest and both Poles. We have supported our delivery of the Harvard Business School Case Study, 'Everest 1996', with their real-life accounts of being on 'the hill' that devastating season. However, the stories from the Poles are equally engaging and emotionally impactful. Tom and Tina have created tight storylines that connect to desired themes by having an appropriate balance of logic and emotion, cohesive narrative structures, and an underlying purpose (why). Audiences are always moved by a constant 'what might happen' while listening. The feedback we have received from our Fortune 50 clients from Wall Street to Big Pharma is always outstanding. On top of all this, they have a positive, charismatic spirit that always renews my own belief in humans pushing boundaries to grow.
Michael Meliniotis, CEO Melini Group

"I have always been fascinated by those who dare to explore and risk everything. Over the years, I became especially fascinated with those who, to my mind, engaged in the most mentally and physically challenging feat, Mount Everest. I read everything I could about those who dared to summit Everest.

I got my first computer in 1998 and I didn’t have to go to the library or buy books about the mountain. I looked for everything I could about people climbing the mountain. I found several websites, but none of them as genuine as Tom and Tina’s. One night I sent them an email, never expecting to get and answer. I was wrong and I did. The reply spawned a lifelong friendship.

At the time, I was a New Jersey State Investigator assigned to the State Environmental Crimes Bureau. Everyone assigned to this bureau had deep commitment to environment.

As I followed Tom and Tina on their expedition, in real time, I might add, I got the rest of my squad interested and I gave them all daily updates on the progress. We were so committed that I was late for a court date the day they summited. When I finally got to court, the summit was the talk of the halls of the courthouse among those of us there to testify at a trial. These were the days before smart phones and constant connection.

I quickly spread the news among my fellow squad members as well as two Deputy Attorneys General an Assistant Attorney General and the Deputy Director of our division. We were so thrilled, in a joint decision, which took just about no lobbying, our Deputy Division Director asked me what we could do to show how much their success meant to us. After some discussion, it was decided to make everyone on the team honorary New Jersey State Investigators. This was an honor the was never bestowed on anyone in the past and, as far as I know, nr one has ever been given this honor since.

In the dreary and sometimes terrifying business of law enforcement, seldom do we get something that can capture our imagination and give us a positive experience. It was a lifetime highlight for all of us."
Michael Kane, New Jersey State Detective, (retired), Badge #888