Who is Who @ Pythom Labs
The Skunks
Wikipedia: "A skunkworks project is a project developed by a small and loosely structured group of people who research and develop a project primarily for the sake of radical innovation"
Tina Sjogren
Tina is the architect of the PythomSpace mission and chief designer of the Asterex rocket engine.

She has extensive history of building and using technology in the extremes and is cofounder of HumanEdgeTech, with customers such as NASA and USGS.

Tina holds several adventure world records. She was the first woman to ski unsupported to the North Pole and the first woman to finish the "three poles" (Mount Everest, North Pole and South Pole).

Tom Sjogren
PythomSpace lead software engineer. Tom built the Jonathan Sensor System, and created the parametric calculations for the Asterex engine and plumbing system.

In the past decade Tom built software and hardware tech and communication solutions for the world's most extreme expeditions.

Together with Tina, Tom holds several firsts in Adventure. He scaled Mount Everest, skied unsupported, full length to the North and South Poles back to back, and sailed across the Atlantic ocean.
Sven Lidstrom
Master of Science in Engineering Physics and Applied Physics, Sven has spent multiple winter seasons at the Antarctica ICECUBE neutrino experiment and in other capacities as an engineer.

Since 2014 Sven has been the Antarctic operations coordinator for the Norwegian Polar Institute. He is one of the few humans to have slept in a tent in -72C, comparable to night temperatures near Mars equator in summer.
Gad Reddy
One of the earliest active members in the Pythom Mars project, Gad specializes in space-grade Carbon Nanotubes.

He is founder and CEO of NoPo Nanotechnologies, selected one of top 3 tech startups in India and recently listed by the International Institute of Space Commerce class of 2018, 35 under 35, which included young talent from companies such as Boeing, Blue Origin, Made in Space, ESA and more.
Erden Eruc
Mechanical engineer turned adventurer, Erden was the first person in history to complete a single human-powered circumnavigation of Earth.

Erden has rowed across several oceans, including the Pacific, spending almost a full year alone at sea in a small rowing vessel without support.

Upcoming project is a composite shell that could withstand hurricane force winds and waves, and be suitable also for space travel.
Greg Michaels
Geophysicist turned explorer Greg worked with JPL and NASA on the Magellan mission to Venus and later on Mars mission research. He has worked as a geophysicist in Azerbaijan, Brazil, Alaska, Canada and India.

Greg's current base is in the rainforest of northern Thailand, where he focuses on Mars geo aspects and his adventure company TheBestQuest.
Lana Cohen
PhD. in geophysics Lana Cohen spent 20 years collecting data and employing instruments in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Expert in field-based geophysical data acquisition and analysis, specializing in atmospheric research, Lana plays an important role for environmental effects on Pythom's spacecraft designs.