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Goodbye Mt Everest, hello Olympus Mons - Explorersweb is for sale

Published on:
August 24th 2017

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. (Socrates)

As many of you know we have been working on a Space mission for some time now. Not the orbit or the moon, but real space exploration. To other planets and hopefully one day, to other stars.

Our plan is to go light, fast, and cheap. Following years of preparation, studying and learning, we have started building. This autumn will be our most intense yet. We are finishing our engine design, manufacture, and tests.

There is little time left for Explorersweb, as you may have noticed.

It's time for us to leave

We summited Everest in 1999 as number 800+. Now, eighteen years and close to 8000 summits later, for us the thrill is gone.

Our friends from those days have died, moved on, or got sucked up in commercial expeditions. We still know how to climb a mountain, but not who is who in Basecamp.

It’s been 10 years since we did a major expedition and we think you need to be out there yourself to have a feel for what’s really going on. We have lost touch and it's time to let fresh blood move in.

Is there still a need for Explorersweb?

Yes - now more than ever. We started Explorersweb not to make money (we already had a good business running) but to change things. To give credit to unknown faces from obscure countries and to celebrate real courage.

Today, commercial expeditions dominate Everest and many other mountains almost 100%. It’s even harder for the new/hard routes or winter climbs to get through the sometimes deafening facebook chatter. The same goes for polar skiing, ocean rowing, river descents and around the world exploration. Difficult efforts get routinely compared equally to much lesser ones.

While there are many outlets today for expedition reports, the spot remains remarkably vacant for those who burn to examine our world as free-spirited individuals, rather than guided clients.

Explorersweb is up for sale

If interested, you’ll get it all. and (and a couple of smaller sites). We have some 100,000 monthly visitors, most of them active explorers/adventurers.

We won’t give it away for free but will do a very good price. A few words of caution:

Don't expect revenues unless you have a good plan. We financed most of Explorersweb through personal funds and tech sales from another company. Google ads bring around $200/month, just enough to pay for servers.

Until we see a new owner you can self-publish at and reach a great audience without cost. We'll keep the site up but will update only in the Labs section (our own Space updates).


THANKS for the ride everybody. We made some great friends (pls stay in touch), some fierce enemies (now maybe we can have that beer), but more than anything - we made waves.

Moving on, Space is next.

Take care, Tom and Tina

Tina Sjogren
Tina Sjogren
CEO & Founder
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